Final Hours for the SWADE PledgeManager!

If you missed out on the original Kickstarter, the #SWADE PledgeManager shuts its doors at 10pm Pacific tonight (Tuesday, July 16th), so this is the FINAL CALL if you want to join us as a “late backer.”

Some items are limited (like extra copies of the signed Collector’s Edition!), so you may want to complete your order quickly to lock it in.

Thanks, everyone, for the patience and support you’ve shown for the entire experience of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. We appreciate all the help you’ve shown for each other and for our little company.

If you have any questions, email Pinnacle at or PledgeManager at


Savage Rifts® Q&A with Sean & Simon LIVE on HippoTV!

We’ve been watching “The Irregulars” on Twitch (HippoTV) play Savage Rifts® for the past couple of months. 

Tomorrow, July 17th, they’re taking a break from the game to chat with Sean Owen Roberson and Simon Lucas about development on Savage Rifts®: American Armageddon—and YOU are all invited to join in!

If you’re not already familiar with Twitch chat, just head over to HippoTV and log in (or create an account if it’s your first time). The text chat is to the right of the live video stream. Accept the terms and begin chatting.

And to be sure you don’t miss any future events, be sure to click the purple “♥” at the top of your screen to follow HippoTV, and consider Subscribing to support the channel and unlock some special options!


SWADE Conversion Doc for The Sixth Gun®

This week, we’ve uploaded a new two-page conversion document for The Sixth Gun® Roleplaying Game. While most of the rules as written in the original products can be used as-is, those that require a little more work are detailed in this free download.

With this document in hand (along with the SWD to SWADE Conversion Notes we posted a few weeks ago), you should be able to update certain elements quickly and with little effort so that you can keep your Sixth Gun campaign rolling along with as little interruption as possible.

Also note that The Sixth Gun is one of four game settings currently available as part of the Savage Heroes Bundle of Holding, so if you still need to add it to your collection, this is a fantastic way to get it for cheap!

This is a “living” document, so if you spot something we missed in it, please tell us in the Pinnacle forums!


Grab the Savage Heroes Bundle of Holding

In cooperation with the fine folks over at Bundle of Holding, you can now get your mitts on no less than four Savage Worlds game settings in the Savage Heroes Bundle including Fear Agent™, The Goon™, The Sixth Gun®, and The Savage World of Solomon Kane , all for a bargain price!

For just US$19.99 you get the following complete rulebooks in the Corebook Collection (retail value $75) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

  • Fear Agent™: A pulp space odyssey with horror, military action, old-fashioned ass-kicking, and revenge, not necessarily in that order.
  • The Goon™: Zombie-robot-changeling noir with Franky, Doc Alloy, Fishy Pete, Merle the Werewolf, and the rest of the Goon’s tough-as-leather crime syndicate.
  • The Sixth Gun®: Cutthroat Weird-West historical fantasy about six otherworldly pistols and the rogues, gadflies, and scoundrels who seek them.
  • The Savage World of Solomon Kane ™ : Robert E. Howard’s Puritan wanderer has passed the torch to a new group of holy warriors who fight globe-spanning evil.

And as always, you’ll also get the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition rulebook.

Plus, if you pay more than the threshold price of just $30.25, you’ll level up and get the entire Expanded Collection with fifteen more titles worth an additional $81, including supplements like archetypes, pregenerated characters, Creature Cards, GM Screen Inserts, adventures, Figure Flats, and other sourcebooks for all four titles!

Note that a portion of all proceeds from the sales of this Savage Heroes Bundle go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, so not only will you be grabbing a deeply discounted assortment of gaming goodness, you’ll also be helping a great cause!


Licensee Spotlight: Bad Day in Bedlam

Now available through DriveThruRPG, Bad Day in Bedlam from Ace licensee, Plain Brown Wrapper Games, is a giant-sized superhero adventure for Savage Worlds:

It is winter in Bedlam. Dirty snow lies in heaps on every street corner, toasted black with exhaust fumes. The city has been buried by the worst snowstorm in years, and none of the poorer neighborhoods have been plowed. The slums are on the brink of rioting and things are about to get even worse, for a series of vicious crimes is about to shake the city to its core! Twelve rampaging supervillains are threatening to give Bedlam City a two-fisted Christmas (and a violent new year?). Are all these things somehow connected? Can the heroes solve this terrible mystery and foil the plot behind it before the city plunges into mayhem and disaster? It’s going to be a bad day in Bedlam unless they do.

This 210-page, SWADE-compliant, Bronze Age superhero adventure contains more than fifty NPCs, including thirteen dastardly supervillains! It has ten separate scenes, multiple story paths, and more than a dozen battle-maps! You’ll also find trash-littered alleys, tormented angst, moral gray zones, and at least two vigilantes who dress in black and brood in rooftops in the dark.

Return to the Bronze Age of comic books in Bad Day in Bedlam available now!


Licensee Spotlight: In Justice We Trust

Available now from Ace licensee, Atomic Ninja Studios, In Justice We Trust is a new superhero adventure for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

What does it take to establish order in a chaotic world? Can someone truly evil be forced to do good? Can excessive force be excused if it upholds law and order?

Solitaria City’s greatest hero, Mega, has fallen. In the vacuum left behind, a new force has stepped in to restore order, but are they cut out for the job? Are they really heroes at all? “Reformed” Super criminals face off with your heroes in… In Justice We Trust.


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