Pinnacle Plans for October…Surprise!

Buckle up amigos, because we’ve got LOTS of exciting news today!

Don’t let the Cabal take over the rainforest… order Rippers Resurrected — Expedition: Amazon now!

First off, we just released Rippers Resurrected—Expedition: Amazon, and couldn’t be happier with it! This supplement kicks off a whole new and incredibly fun expedition system that we’ll be using for several new books to come. The print version is shipping now, but that’s not all we’ve got going on.

We’ve also got something lined up for October that we’ve done a couple times before… a DOUBLE Kickstarter!


The first Kickstarter is the launch of our printed, DELUXE Wendigo Tales! We’ve been publishing Pinnacle’s fiction in PDF and e-versions for the last few years, but now we’re ready to kick things up a notch with a gorgeous hardback featuring all-new stories and a host of new, ongoing characters.

First Look at Wendigo Tales, Book One!

This isn’t just an anthology… it’s the start of a legacy for a brand new batch of heroes that represent what each setting is all about. Even better, we brought in best-selling fiction and comic writer Jeff Mariotte to lead the way!

Working with Jeff, we brought on a select group of authors who are not only talented with their own successful tales, but understand exactly what it is that makes Savage Worlds tick. Each of their characters was created first, with unique backgrounds and abilities we can explore together for many tales to come. Then we outlined some of their first adventures and what’s going to happen to them—their most significant trials, tragedies, and tribulations—and victories!

Here’s just a taste of the authors and settings you’ll find in this first landmark book:

  • Shanna Germain takes us back to the streets of Deadlands Noir.
  • Aaron Rosenberg tells a tricksy tale of Texas terror for East Texas University.
  • Deadlands Brand Manager and newly-minted rock star author Matthew Cutter rides the High Plains of the Weird West.
  • Tim Waggoner braves the irradiated wastes of Hell on Earth.
  • Shane Lacy Hensley continues the story of gladiator Magnus Bos, first introduced in the Weird Wars Rome tale Without Fear, which will be given away FREE to everyone who backs the Kickstarter.


You’ve been asking for this one for light years, and we’re finally ready with John Goff’s return to the Way Out West!

Hellstromme Industries’ “Tunnel” between Earth and the living planet Banshee collapsed during the “Last War” of Hell on Earth. The human colonists are trapped on a harsh and unforgiving alien planet and the space stations and asteroid mining colonies around it. They’re forced to fend for themselves against the rogue military, ruthless pirates, angry anouks, the rise of an evil alien presence, and worst of all, the arrival of the Reckoners—made flesh on Earth and exiled to Banshee!


We’re working on the Savage Worlds Companions, a brand-new-from-scratch version of Deadlands the Weird West AND the all-new Deadlands Dark Ages! PLUS so much, much more that we’ll reveal as things get a little closer to completion.

Since you asked though, we can say that November brings Pinebox Perils for East Texas University, a book of new monsters and Savage Tales to go with ‘em, and after that is a the JumpCorp Salvage Team Manual for The Last Parsec.


Let’s get this out of the way right now. Events in Deadlands Dark Ages create a ripple effect throughout the entire Deadlands line. If you’ve read our graphic novel, The Cackler, you’ll know that Morgan le Fay is loose in the Weird West, and her mojo allows her to take a little revenge on her long-dead brother and his mentor, Merlin. We’ll explore this tale of arcane vengeance in both settings, but most important is that they create a sort of “butterfly effect” we’re calling the “Morgana Effect.”

The main result of all this timeline tinkering is that the Confederacy now falls after the Battle of Washington in 1871!

Whaaa…? Yup! There’s a real world reason behind this change, but we just don’t need the CSA in Deadlands these days. It was originally designed to be a pawn in the Reckoners’ plan of hate, fear, and carnage, but as the worlds of Deadlands evolved, we realized we had plenty of factions to wreak havoc with already.

The Morgana Effect gives us a chance to reset this decision and best of all, add some brand new and SUPER EXCITING events and locations to the world in the process. We don’t usually talk about release dates, but this is Deadlands and we appreciate all the love so many of you given the Weird West for nearly 25 years, so look for the new edition to come back BIG in early 2020. Deadlands Dark Ages should kick off later that same year, probably around summer…but don’t hold us to that. The monks are still inking the manuscripts and we just can’t make ‘em work much harder!


The SWADE update for Rifts® is almost done and at the printer. This one took longer than we thought, and we thought it would take a while! But seven books AND making SURE we got it as right as possible was worth it. This was an especially tricky one because the three new sourcebooks for Rifts® were done, but we knew we had to update the original rules first. That meant designing, playtesting, and updating everything that had come before, gathering your GREATLY appreciated feedback, and of course making absolutely sure the writing, art, and production values all hit the high standards we all expect from this amazing setting.

We’re taking a short break on it, then Sean Owen Roberson and team will be diving back in for another run…but this time just one book at a time. 😉

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Tombstone Destination Event – October 23-28

With the summer convention season over, it’s time to focus on the biggest shindig this year for Doomtown, the featured Destination Event in the town too tough to die, Tombstone itself!

During the week of October 26th, the 138th anniversary of the legendary Street Fight between the Earps and the Cowboys, Doomtown and Deadlands fans will gather together in Tombstone, Arizona and face-off to badge a new Marshal champion!

Visitors will also be able to meet up with Shane Hensley (and maybe play in a Deadlands session with him), Jodi Black, Christine and David Lapp, and the Saving Throw/WildCards crew for gamin’, sightseein’, and thunderin’ good times!

If you haven’t made your plans yet, visit the pinned page for the Twilight Protocol Series Act III: The Twilight Legion: Destination Badge Event over in the Pine Box Entertainment forum. There you will find the complete event schedule, links to area hotels, and travel information to help you make the most of your visit to the Wild West!


Doomtown Peacekeeper Organized Play Series: Fall 2019

Listen up, pardners

The calendar for the next Organized Play Series is now LIVE, and participants will once again impact the Doomtown storyline! Applications are still being accepted over at Pine Box Entertainment, where you can check out the current list of round-ups!

The kit contains:

The Quaterman PRIME playmat featuring art by Charles Urbach for the event victor! If you’re not familiar with ol’ Quaterman, be sure to check out the original story here as well as the tale of Quaterman PRIME!

Promos for participation:

  • Bottom Dealin’
  • Pinned Down
  • Gomorra Gaming Commission
  • Pair O’ Six Shooters

Wooden Nickel: Law Dogs/Rangers Shooter Designation tokens

As with the Hunting Ground Series affecting Twilight Protocol Act I, players will be voting on Law Dogs that will be the heroes and fallen of the conflict from Twilight Protocol Act II! The fiction for that event, presented by Saving Throw WildCards, can be viewed here.

Be sure to let your friendly local game store know about the Peacekeeper Series and encourage them to contact Studio 2 Publishing to stock Too Tough to Die and all other Doomtown products!


Licensee Spotlights – Fabled Environments & Gun Metal Games

This week, we’ve got some exciting developments from “Ace” licensees Fabled Environments and Gun Metal Games.

Fabled Environments Game Maps

First up, Fabled Environments has just released their SWADE conversion documents for both Olympus, Inc. and Buccaneer: Through Hell and High Water. Grab them both now from DriveThruRPG.

Second, Gun Metal Games has released a layered PDF of its Interface Zero 3.0 Jumpstart that features a look at Origins and Campaign Themes, a list of races, a sampling of Edges and Hindrances, a look at the revised system for hacking, weapons and equipment, Biotech, Cybertech, Chemtech, and Genetech, new setting rules, five pregenerated characters, and a One Sheet to get you started!

Gun Metal Games has also made its Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide to 2095 available for pre-order, so jack in today for some exciting cyberpunk adventures with Interface Zero 3.0.


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