The Pinnacle Holiday Sale Continues!


You still have a couple more weeks before anyone drops down your chimney, giving you plenty of time to get a jump on some of the amazing deals in our storewide holiday sale.

Right now, along with all the box sets, core rulebooks, supplements, combat maps, dice, and other items, our various metal miniature sets and singles are also now ON SALE!

This includes figures for use with Lankhmar, The Savage World of Flash Gordon™, The Last Parsec, The Goon™, Fear Agent™, The Sixth Gun, Deadlands, and Deadlands Noir.

Add a little dimension to your game tables with these official metal minis for some of our most popular Savage Settings!


PAX Unplugged Convention Round-Up

This year’s PAX Unplugged is now a (very happy) memory, and word on the street is that everyone had an amazing time gaming together in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Studio 2 Publishing was on-hand selling all the latest and greatest goodies for Savage Worlds, while over in the demo tables area, Karl Keesler (with the occasional assistance of our friend, Bobby Evans), pinned on his Marshal’s badge and ran non-stop Deadlands demos for both new and veteran cowpokes alike!

From the photos, it looks like everyone had a blast, including several who experienced Savage Worlds for their very first time!

Pine Box Entertainment hosted several demos as well as a some big Doomtown events including the Somethin’ About Some Bullets final round-up for 2019 that took place Saturday afternoon. Read about all this and more over in the Pine Box forums.

And speaking of Saturday, PAX Unplugged was also the site of a HUGELY successful Savage Saturday Night event with a whopping 11 games and dozens of excited and engaged players participating in all manner of adventures including East Texas University, The Last Parsec, Trailer Park Shark Attack, and a number of home-brewed settings like Savage Duck Tales (“woo-oo!”) and Savage Scooby Doo (“zoinks!”).

We’d like to thank James Walls and the Delaware Valley Savages for making this Savage Saturday Night one for the record books!

And with that, the curtain has officially set on con season for 2019. We look forward to seeing you at a number of conventions in 2020. Until then, keep your Wild Dice warm, amigos!


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